「ハミング」は、歌い手の気まぐれで作られた1分間の鼻歌である。 自分のために歌われる鼻歌には上手いも下手もなく、突然転調しても、長い沈黙があっても、全てが「正解」である。 鼻歌を繰り返し聴くうちに、そこに私たちは歌い手の癖を見つけることができる。 他人が歌うプライベートな鼻歌を覚え、それを思わず自分のものとして鼻歌んでしまうとき、そこにまだ「鼻歌」の本質は残っているだろうか?

'Humming' is a series of one-minute songs intuitively hummed by the artist. They are just personal songs, and there is no good or poor criterion. Even though the music mode was whimsically changed or took a long pose, every music sang was right. As you listen to these humming songs over and over, you will find a peculiarity of the person who hummed. Does the song still keep its originality if you learn someone else's humming and sing it your way?

  • Humming|2013|Recorded 1-minute humming (60 songs)
  • Exhibition view
  • "Ende Neu" KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art, Berlin
  • Humming (live shuffle)|2014|Background music for a reception party
  • Performance
  • NOASS, Riga